AnimeFrenzy is a new site that claims it will help you watch anime series digitally with satellite TV. It has many of the anime titles you can find torrents for at the torrent sites. AnimeFrenzy is really just another site that promises to watch anime videos for free, but if you are looking for anime-related stuff or are one step ahead of the game, this may be the site for you.

What is AnimeFrenzy?

AnimeFrenzy has similar problems as all the other sites. It has a very large database that is full of old anime series, but most of them are already expired. AnimeFrenzy’s database also contains a lot of movies and TV shows, which you can’t find anywhere else, even on torrent sites. But true followers know exactly what to look for to stay current.

How to download from AnimeFrenzy?

AnimeFrenzy’s list of anime series is very comprehensive, but it’s also divided into episodes and seasons which makes navigation a lot easier. An episode download link and an application for your iPhone are provided on the anime frenzy home page. You have a choice between watching anime series that were released on DVD or Blu-ray, while only watching the anime videos with English subtitles. The application does not work in some instances, such as Ansells Eva or Black Butler.

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Some shows are supported by PayPal and others are not. AnimeFrenzy’s list of shows that are supported by PayPal includes Neon Genesis Evangelion, Lucky Star, Tokyo Ghoul, Evangelion: Ikusuru, and Bleach.

I’m not sure about the status of Lucky Star and Tokyo Ghoul, though, as I haven’t watched those yet. However, I’m very happy with AnimeFrenzy’s other features which include access to web media such as pictures, videos, music, anime TV shows and movies, manga, and other web media. It supports quite a few web media files, so you should be able to browse through them using your default media player.

I use AnimeFrenzy every day and I’m very happy with the service. Not only does it support a large variety of anime content, but it also provides me with links to different sources on the internet so I can watch anime videos and listen to new anime TV shows.

AnimeFrenzy is fast becoming one of the best anime websites on the web, especially for fans who love anime but can’t always get hold of their favorite shows. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go back to renting anime videos from torrent sites. AnimeFrenzy really is the best alternative to torrent sites, which are slow and full of viruses.

AnimeFrenzy Dubbed Movies

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