If I Had 4 Eggs

If I had 4 eggs: The Viral Riddle is one of the most famous Easter Egg Trivia Answers that has ever been posted on a website. The question, “If I had 4 eggs how would I know which egg was the last one to be used?” has been posted on many websites since the earliest days of internet use and remains one of the most popular answers to this trivia question.

There are many Riddles on the internet like London bridge Riddle etc.  The question and the answer remain popular today because it is simple, yet often difficult to solve.

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In order to solve the If I Had 4 Eggs riddle, we must first know what the correct answer is. The correct answer is, “As a matter of fact, the first egg was used and the last egg was turned into a donut.” We also know that every egg has four legs and a shell. The question is, which of the four legs was the last one used? If we look at the sequence of events for each egg in the original order, we can quickly see that the first egg did not make it. However, the count did make it.

‘If I had 4 eggs’ riddle

If I had 4 eggs

and a thief gave me 3

and my rooster laid 5 more

How many do I have?

After we have looked at the sequence of events, we can see that if we had only one egg, then we would know that the first egg was the last egg to be used and therefore the first one to be cracked.

If we only had a single egg to crack, then we could safely assume that the next egg wouldn’t be a donut either. Of course, we know that each egg only has two legs so that doesn’t help our problem. In this case, we would need to add an extra egg to the equation.

If I Had 4 Eggs Riddle answer

  • Answer: 3 eggs only
  • This is a tricky riddle and has a lot of wordplay involved. The first line is a hypothetical situation. So it means that the total number of eggs is zero, to begin with.
  • In the second line, a thief gives 3 eggs, making the total count 3.
  • the third line reads, a rooster lays eggs, which is an impossible thing as roosters don’t lay eggs, which means zero eggs are collected from the roosters.
  • So, 0+3+0 = 3

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If we have three eggs, then we know that the next two would be donuts. If we have four eggs, then we would know that the following three would also be donuts, but the last one would not be a donut.

However, the question is what if we had five eggs? If we take another look at the sequence of events, then we would see that there is still a problem. If we have six eggs, then we know that the first three would be donuts, the last one would be a small cheese, the next two would be regular cheese and the next one will be the exact opposite.

Clearly, there is something wrong here. If we had seven eggs, then we would know that the first three would be regular cheese, the last two would be donuts, and the last one would be the exact opposite. This would make sense though because if we had seven donuts, then it would make more sense to eat them up before the party. However, it is quite possible that there are other things going on here.

If we have eight or more eggs, then we have to take the sequence of events even further. We would then say that the first three donuts are regular cheese, the last one would be a small font, the next two would be regular cheese and then the last one would be the exact opposite – plain, regular cheese.

This can all be very confusing, and many people are unable to remember when they have eaten all their eggs. If you are in this situation, try writing down the times for each of your eggs, and remember how much you actually ate!

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