SDMoviesPoint 2.0

What is SDMoviesPoint 2.0? For all the people who are looking for the best way to watch a movie on their PC, it’s time for SDMoviesPoint 2.0 which is the best solution to this problem. This new version of the popular software offers new features which make the operation faster and ensures that your movies are downloaded directly to your PC. It offers several benefits over the other versions of this software. Let us have a look at some of them:

SDMoviesPoint 2.0 Feature

Faster Downloading

Speed has always been one of the main issues for any person who is trying to download a movie onto his computer. Even if you have an ultra-fast broadband connection, you would not be able to download a movie in a few minutes. But SDMoviesPoint 2.0, which is the latest version available in the market has solved this problem completely. It has a high bandwidth so even if you have a slow connection; you can download a lot of movies in a few minutes. In fact, it has a speed of 4 megabits per second, which makes downloading movies a lot faster than any other version.

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New Features on SDMoviesPoint 2.0

The other great factor about this software is that it has a number of new features which you won’t find in any other movie downloader. One of the most amazing features of SDMoviesPoint is the fact that you can now download multiple movies using the same account. You can either choose to download all the movies from one server or can choose to download a movie by category. Another great feature of SDMoviesPoint 2.0 is the addition of trailers for the movies. So now you can even rent a movie from a good distributor without having to go out of the house.

Secure Server

All the movie downloads are done through the use of SSL technology. The downloads are encrypted, making them safe from hackers. Therefore you can relax even if someone managed to break into your computer and get hold of your personal information. Also, you can check your movie download activity online. If you have not purchased the movie SDMoviesPoint provides a free security service for its users.

Movie genres

This software comes with hundreds of genres to choose from. The best part about SDMoviesPoint is that you can download any genre according to your taste. S Cinema, Family, Fantasy, War, Comedy, Western, Horror, Science Fiction, and Action are some of the popular genres available. Furthermore, all the movies are categorized according to their rating. Thus, if you are new to this whole downloading thing, you can easily start with the rated movies and later on move on to the movies that have a higher rating.

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For those who love to watch a new version of their favorite movie SDMoviesPoint comes with an update service. With the new version, you can enjoy watching your favorite movies and channels with the help of the new versions. You can get access to a new version by logging in to S Cinema or Slicks Clip. To have quick access you just need to highlight the movie title and choose the update option and you will automatically get access to the new version. If you prefer to view the entire movie you can simply add the URL of the particular movie you want to watch and it will display in the list.

Ratings and comments

The new version gives you the opportunity to rate and comment on the movies. With the help of this, you can provide feedback to the creators of the movie. This also provides an opportunity to share movie thoughts with other members of the community. While rating movies you can include the key points you liked and disliked about the movie. Furthermore, while commenting you can tell about what made the movie exciting, intriguing or funny, etc.

Registration on SDMoviesPoint 2.0

There are a couple of ways to register for the SDMoviesPoint 2.0 site. First, you can use your social network like Facebook, Orkut, MySpace, Hi5, or Twitter to register. Next, you can go to the registration page of S Movies and follow the instructions. Last but not the least; you can visit the official site of S Cinema and register. Once done, you can download the software and start viewing your movie collection. If you want to know more about S Cinemas and the membership process of S Movies Point then visit my blog for more information.

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