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SDmoviespoint is an online platform meant for providing TV content and movies for downloading across the globe. According to reports, the website is already enjoying a massive monthly user base. The site brings a massive collection of both Indian and Hollywood movies, including Pakistani movies as well.

However, this is especially renowned for offering a massive collection of high-definition Bollywood and Hollywood content. The site can be a one-stop destination for various adult web series and shows as well. It is moreover a website pretty akin to that of Torrent.

Content quality and different formats offered by

SDmoviespoint provides content in various formats ranging from 420p, 720p, to 1080p. The best part is that all these are offered absolutely for free. It can be an incredible platform for enjoying the latest videos as well. Those looking for dubbed movies can also explore a massive collection over here.

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At the same time, the site offers a massive collection in the segment of documentaries as well. No need is to disappoint in the short films category as there is a huge collection provided herein.

It can be claimed that SDmoviespoint acts as an all-inclusive platform for contemporary content. The distinguishing aspect of the platform is that it is highly reliable for those who don’t easily trust the websites of such due to virus issues.

In this context, SDmoviespoint brings an explicit application for the same, called HDmovieplus. It is here to note that this software is very much available for all platforms ranging from android, Smart TV, and desktops.


How does Sdmoviespoint earn upon offering free? 

Many people are curious to know about how sites like SDmoviesPoint generate revenue by providing Bollywood and other Indian content, including Hollywood and Pakistani. Someone who is not enlisted over the platforms of such may have to show his/her way along with various forms of ads, ranging from commercials and pop-ups.

Various sites like SDmoviespoint earn money upon providing the content. It thus requires healthy internet connectivity for smooth viewing of content along with the ads. Most of the piracy websites earn in this method.

Is it only confined to Bollywood and Hollywood content?

One can find all the latest Bollywood and Hollywood movies on SDmoviespoint, along with classic old movies, videos, shows, and documentaries. It has leaked many popular Hollywood movies, including Captain America: Civil War, Captain America: The First Avenger, Train to Busan, and many others.

In how much time does Sdmoviespoint publishes a movie after release?

SDmoviespoint has a massive collection of old and new movies and shows. After a movie gets a theatrical release, the site pits the movie and publishes it over its site. It thus enables users to find the piracy version of the concerned movie or the latest movies in a very quick while after its release. Anyway, it is, after all, an illegal way or a pirated way of watching movies.

What are the different content types offered by SDMoviesPoint?

SDMoviesPoint offers its movies, shows, web series, and documentaries from Bollywood and Hollywood absolutely for free. It comes up with a massive range of movies of different quality and in various streaming options. However, higher demand always remains among visitors for high-definition movies.

It thus is only among a few of its kind piracy sites that provide content in proper High Definition without asking for any additional charges. The site is quite user-friendly as well. One can explore all its categories simply through the Home page.

Along with the regular Indian movies with the theatrical release, TV shows, to the movies of popular OTT platforms, one can watch everything through the site. It thus becomes among the most explicit of its kind platforms where movies and web series of renowned OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime do get released. It also releases a dubbed version of Hollywood movies.


Explicit features of SDMoviesPoint 

SDMoviesPoint, which is also known as SDMoviespoint CC, is a movie download platform offering movies absolutely for free. It is considered among the simplest platforms among those who illicitly do download movies and shows. It thus has appeared as one of the prominent competitors of other similar websites of its kind, like Tamilrockers.

The website specifically has witnessed incredible growth in the year 2020. The platform has turned out to be distinguished upon offering access to audio as well, along with video content. Making things superbly simplistic for beginners, the site provides easy navigation.

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Most importantly, downloading through the site is swiftest in comparison to all other platforms. Compared with all other piracy movie download sites of its kind, this site is gaining so much popularity as it enables its users to download content without any technical skill.

Not just the premium Bollywood or Hollywood content, the site releases regional content in the quickest while after their initial release over the theatres or concerned OTTs. Interestingly, the same is the case with dubbed movies as well. There is no charge applied or no constraint for any content, irrespective of its language. However, the site has made it clear to change its initial domain name, despite massive demand from the users.

Steps to follow for downloading Sdmoviespoint Movies?

As already explained above, downloading movies through SDmoviespoint is supremely easy as a task where one has to follow a few very basic steps. The most popular among all methods is the VPN method or the Virtual Private Network method. This method is about connecting private networks and public networks for additional protection and privacy.

It works moreover, like connecting with the web through Wi-Fi Hotspot. For those uninitiated, the prime purpose of a VPN is to safeguard the secret data of the user. Provided below is the step-by-step approach for all those who want to have HD movies downloaded through SDmoviespoint using a VPN over their smartphones.


Step 1: Do open a VPN upon providing its requisite credentials.

Step 2: Go through the site

Step 3: Put a tap on the featured movies, or one may simply search for the same upon typing its name.

Step 4: Pick the desired format amongst different options like 360p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p.

Step 5: Upon clicking on any of the mentioned above versions, the page automatically redirects to the concerned link for download.

Step 6: After the download link becomes visible, simply tap on it to get started with downloading the desired file.


What are the most significant movies released on SDMoviesPoint?

SDMoviesPoint has gained massive popularity upon releasing numerous movies, especially Tamil movies, on the same day of theatrical release. It came into the limelight of piracy movie watchers upon releasing massively popular movies like Baahubali 2 and Kabir Singh in the quickest period. Since its launch, there are only a few movies that are not leaked over this platform.

Hence, it’s simply impossible to mention the names of each of these movies over here one by one. Not just about Bollywood or Hollywood, the site is quite popular in releasing Pakistani movies as well in the quickest time. The site is very much known for leaking dual audio as well over its platforms. KGF Chapter 1 to Thambi has managed to overtake many of its kind sites upon leaking over its platform.

Alternatives of domains 

It’s not just about downloading popular Bollywood, Hollywood, or regional content. The site is also quite distinguishing in terms of allowing its users of it to enjoy the contents upon streaming. Moreover, streaming is offered absolutely for free as well, very much like the download process.

What makes this site so more favorable compared to other of its kind platforms for piracy content is the reliability of safety from malware. Those who don’t have the intention of having movies and shows downloaded may just watch these streaming as well. This certainly would be the safest option available. As far as domain links for SDMoviesPoint 2020 are concerned, the following options can be considered.

  1. Sdmoviespoint proxy
  2. Sdmoviespoint Tamil
  3. Sdmoviespoint VPN
  4. Sdmoviespoint south
  5. Sdmoviespoint Tamil
  6. Sdmoviespoint in
  7. Sdmoviespoint biz
  8. Sdmoviespoint Kannada
  9. Sdmoviespoint lite
  10. Sdmoviespoint internet
  11. Sdmoviespoint Tamil
  12. Sdmoviespoint Hollywood
  13. Sdmoviespoint marathi
  14. Sdmoviespoint pakistan
  15. Sdmoviespoint Punjab
  16. Sdmoviespoint com
  17. Sdmoviespoint VIP
  18. Sdmoviespoint greatest
  19. Sdmoviespoint Rao
  20. Sdmoviespoint age

Restrictions and the growing popularity 

As already explained above, SDMovoiesPoint, after all, is a piracy platform. One must understand that there are strict regulations stipulated for online piracy to protect those from expending huge amounts. For example, there is the Copyright Act, of 1957, which safeguards the whole range of musical content and video content, literature, and creative works.

There are also acts like The Stop Online Piracy Act or STOP that restrict access to the sites that do host piracy content. Though the Indian government has applied penalties and taken action against the sites like these, including the most popular ones like Tamilrockers, these are still quite active. According to statistics, the piracy business is why the film arena of the nation incurs a significant loss of around 1800 crore INR per annum.

What makes SDMoviesPoint safer and more distinguishing?

It’s quite true that the domains of piracy platforms like SDMoviesPoint often get changed and often get blocked as well by the government. This is the reason that loyal piracy content watchers often look for multiple alternatives.

However, the reason behind SDMoviesPoint sustaining so far is because it brings the streaming option as well. Hence, most people simply watch the content through streaming, rather than taking risk of downloading. This doesn’t discard the possibility of it being penalized.


Ranking and popularity 

The aspect that makes the popularity of SDMoviesPoint evident is its Alexa ranking, which is 64,687. For those uninitiated, Alexa is a website or kind of database that provides details on sites based on different categories. It does the ranking of the sites as per the traffic detail of through massive web users worldwide.

SDMoviesPoint has become significant in the past 90 days. According to, around 3 of its pages are browsed daily by each user. Moreover, the average time spent by visitors on these pages is around a couple of minutes.

How much is estimated to earn?

According to reports, the total worth of is around 88,274 USD. This figure is given by, which is a site for calculating the worth of a website. The calculation revolved around the calculations made by in terms of the income made by it through its advertisement based on traffic it gathers, and as per the ratings of

Revenue generated by the site annually through advertisements is worth 72,720 USD generated through annual visitors of around 5 million and total page views of above 24 million.

Should I watch content from SDmoviespoint?

There is no doubt about the fact that is a site that publishes pirated content, which ranges from TV content, movies, OTT movies, etc. Being the piracy content, viewing the contents of the site is indeed illegal.

The rules and regulations often do vary from one nation to the other. As the site has a user base from across the globe, one may enquire about the constraints applied in this context of their concerned nation. To be specific, one must take cyber rules into account to avoid the offenses of such.

All said and done, the sites like is one of the most trending sites in modern times as far as piracy contents are concerned. It is comparatively safer for the device in terms of providing options for streaming.


Piracy is an act of crime and is an offense under the Copyright Act of 1957. This page is for just information purposes, and we never encourage or opt to use such sites.

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