High Security Registration Plate

The Delhi transportation department has Requested all automobile owners in the nation to acquire HSRP (high-security registration plate) affixed on their automobiles” with no delay”.

The note issued by the federal capital’s transportation department warns individuals to acquire HSRP because of their vehicles and neglecting it’s going to attract punishment under the Central Motor Vehicles act. And despite the fact that this rule was in effect since this past year, the state authorities haven’t rigorously enforced it due to many reasons, including the unavailability of HSRP.

On the other hand, the Delhi transport department’s choice to now apply it’s resulted in a spike in the number of folks using top security numberplates from the capital. In the same way, car users in different areas of the nation are also hurrying to authorities licensed vendors to substitute their car’s number plate together with HSRP. However, what is HSRP, and has the central authorities made it compulsory in the nation?

What is a high-security registration plate (HSRP)

high-security registration plate are Made up of aluminum and are affixed with at least 2 non-reusable snap-on locks. The plate includes a hot-stamped chromium-based 20-millimeter X 20-millimeter hologram of Ashoka Chakra in blue color on the top left corner. Once flashed, the distinctive high-security registration plate is linked to the motor vehicle.

Benefits of high-security registration plate (HSRP)

1. The old and conventional number plates are extremely Simple to tamper with and may be changed rather easily. Normally, the very first thing most burglars do after ditching a car would be to substitute the registration plate, which makes it hard for the authorities and governments to monitor that stolen automobile. However, HSRPs include non-removable snap-on locks and therefore are difficult to replace.

2. Personal vendors accepted by the country’s government. These discs have been issued only after the car owner supplies them with info for example engine number, telephone number, etc. This is an important step in preventing the recurrence of high-security registration plates.

3. Another Advantage of HSRP is the specifics of an Automobile, such as an engine number, telephone number, etc. are kept in a database that is searchable. This information, in addition to the 10-digit PIN, helps the police recognize a stolen automobile.

4. Some vehicle owners utilize different fonts and fashions For the registration discs, which makes it hard for the traffic authorities to understand the registration number of a car or truck.

Must I pay additional for HSRP?

Vehicles offered in India later in April 2019 Include high-security number plates in the trader’s end along with the price of HSRP included in the purchase price of the motor vehicle. However, for the vehicles offered earlier in April 2019, automobile owners Will Need to contact the auto dealerships or Government licensed HSRP sellers and cover a marginal amount to acquire a high Safety registration plate.

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